The legendary trader Don Wilson is now investing his profits in startups

The venture capital group, supported by Wilson and his partners from the Chicago DRW Holdings, has made investments in 23 Fintech startups. This increased their portfolio more than twice since 2015, even though they also focus on their trading business building. The reason is that the advantage of venture capital group is their many years of experience in the financial markets.

Recent years saw significant growth of the volume of investments made in financial technology companies, and last year this sphere of the US investment was three times larger than in 2012. Wilson and his partners had a great influence on this index. But it should be stated, that even such legends face growing competition.

Dow Jones Data VentureSource highlights that last year, $ 3.1 billion venture capital was sent to Fintech in the US, which is almost three times larger compared to $ 1.1 billion in 2012. In the third quarter, $ 3.4 billion investments maintained momentum, although they did not reach enormous $ 5.9 billion level of 2015.

Wilson’s success in Eurodollar options pit trading triggered DRW growth, thus in 1992 his partners and he founded the company. But later he aimed at real estate, venture capital and, more recently, bitcoin business.

Trading companies merged to cope with lower volatility, increased competition in the US market and high technological costs, which decrease the profit. DRW advocated the idea of buying this trend, exceeding such competitors as Austin, Texas RGM Advisors. Now DRW team is listed as having offices in London, New York, Montreal, Austin, Houston and Singapore with 800 employees in total.

We recently reported that raising funds from venture capital in the past 12 months has doubled to 1.32 billion.